I excel at solving a wide array of problems. My proven and unique skill set continue to benefit clients such as Virgin Galactic, FAA, USAF, Treasury of Canada and AOL. I hold several patents for green cooling technologies and containerized datacenters. My first start-up and entreprenurial effort, Elliptical Mobile Solutions, has gone from a concept and prototype in a garage to a company in operation for 10 years. They are changing the way digital infrastructure is deployed today.  


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Expert: Manufacturing, Project Management, System Integration

Expert: Business Strategy, Startups, Social Media, Presentations

Expert: Concepts, Invention, Design,  Product
Development, Marketing
"In all my experience and time spent in the Data Center industry I have yet to find as dedicated an individual committed to innovation and change than Simon. With his wealth of knowledge and ability Simon has taken basic concepts and common practices in the Data Center and Energy fields and created some of the most thought provoking and truly innovative solutions that create long sustaining clean energy changes for the industry as a whole. It is refreshing to be able to work with an individual like Simon that really cares for the environment and the growth of his community as a whole." -Scott GoodDirector IO.Anywhere Integration

"After viewing the destruction of companies during 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, Elliptical Mobile Solutions has a product that every business concerned with data management/storage and disaster control/contingency management should be interested in. Personally, Simon is a hard-working visionary man with tons of energy, intensity and excitement about helping businesses and individuals succeed." -Daryl Mallett Editor/Writer at Raytheon Technical Services Company

"Simon demonstrated a creative mindset right from the onset of our project. He was well-networked and brought in the necessary expertise to complement his personal contribution. The results: our project was completed effectively,within budget constraints, with a positive energy and achievement of all intended goals. Simon was a true pleasure to work with and will certainly be reengaged in the future. -Jill Bittinger Montesorri Schools