A Rennaissance man

A brief history

   I am an inventor, entrepreneur, nerd and self made polymath. I was born in North Dakota and grew in the farm as child. I left home at the age of 16 to make my way in world. I have struggled to survive, "dishwashed" my way through highschool, founded companies and invented technologies/methods that are changing the world in which we live. 

  In 2005 I founded Elliptical Mobile Solutions along with two others. Since that freshman effort, we moved from the garage, into a facility and are now considered global leaders in the modular datacenter landscape by Gartner and many others 

   Today, in addition to my current role as CTA at Elliptical Mobile Solutions, I offer consulting services in a wide variety of industries ranging from data centers, military C4IST systems, high density computing to novel cooling and electronic and mechanical solutions


-Cradle to Grave Product Production

  • Market Analysis, Technology Roadmap, Budget
  • Concept, Applications, Design, Technical Writing
  • Prototyping, Fabrication, Testing 
  • Marketing, Sales Strategy, Product Development

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